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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at Gousse Urology
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment at Gousse Urology’s South Florida Offices

Dr. Angelo Gousse offers high-quality erectile dysfunction treatment to men in South Florida. He founded Gousse Urology to assist patients with all types of urologic disorders, such as erectile dysfunction. It is a common problem that men experience after they reach a certain age. Not only does it prevent them from engaging in sexual activity, but it reduces their self-confidence as well. 

Erectile dysfunction is another term for male impotence. It is when a man cannot form or sustain an erection to perform sexual intercourse. Over 90 million men throughout the world have to deal with erectile dysfunction. There are several reasons why this condition occurs. Dr. Gousse works with patients to figure out the cause and then treat it appropriately.

Do you have erectile dysfunction? If so, we encourage you to make an appointment to see Dr. Gousse at Gousse Urology. You will receive a complete physical and lifestyle evaluation to determine the root cause of your erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options 

Sometimes erectile dysfunction doesn’t pertain to any adverse physical conditions at all. That would be the best-case scenario. For example, people who experience stress and depression can develop erectile dysfunction, especially if it’s a side effect of antidepressant medication.

Our first recommendation will be to switch or avoid medications with sexual-related side effects. Many antidepressants and psychoactive drugs offer this unfortunate side effect. Dr. Gousse could suggest lifestyle changes and alternative medications to help turn this problem around.

Men with irreversible erectile dysfunction will need a different type of treatment. You might have erectile dysfunction because of a physical issue related to your prostate, genitals, thyroid, central nervous system, or vascular system. If the physical examination shows that you have a problem in one or more of these areas, then penile implant surgery could be the best treatment solution.

Penile implant surgery is an essential procedure for men with permanent erectile dysfunction. A prosthetic surgical device gets implanted into the penis and allows you to get an erection faster and for a longer time. If all other erectile dysfunction treatments have failed, try penile implant surgery. It has one of the highest success rates amongst men. 

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Dr. Gousse: Renowned Urologist and Erectile Dysfunction Specialist 

Dr. Gousse performs all erectile dysfunction treatments and surgeries at the Bladder Health & Reconstructive Urology Institute. He has spent over 25 years helping men to restore their erectile function and sexual lives. South Floridian men know they can trust him to manage this extremely sensitive issue for them.

Dr. Gousse is a nationally recognized urologist. His urologic treatment and technique innovations have changed the urology field forever. He has perfected many critical urologic procedures, including penile prosthesis implants, enlarged prostate treatment, artificial urinary sphincter implants, and urinary tract reconstruction.

As a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Gousse has received a first-class education in the urology field. His scientific research has contributed to more than 70 published articles in several of the top urology research journals in the world.

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Gousse Urology operates clinics in Miramar, Miami, and West Palm Beach. If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction in South Florida, you should make an appointment to see us as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to develop the best solution to treat and possibly cure your erectile dysfunction issue.

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