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Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute: Angelo Gousse, MD

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Gousse Urology is a professional urology clinic in Aventura that deals with urological issues. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a pain-free life where your urological problems are kept under control. With the help of our expert, Dr. Angelo Gousse, you’ll regain tranquility and comfort. When it comes to reconstructive urology procedures, we’re unmatched in Aventura. Our Aventura urologists will be deeply knowledgeable about your particular medical problem and can assist you in your recovery. Contact us at (305) 606-7028 or use the contact form to book an appointment!

A top-rated urologist in Aventura

Dr. Gousse treats urologic illnesses in male and female patients. He has countless credentials to his name and he has been practicing for more than 25 years.

The services he provides include:

  • Reconstructive urology
  • Penile implant surgery
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implants
  • Urinary incontinence treatment
  • Pelvic organ prolapse repairs
  • Enlarged prostate treatment

Dr. Gousse pioneered the development of third-line treatments for overactive bladder and has implemented Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation to treat overactive bladder. He also introduced Botox as an effective treatment for neurogenic bladder and overactive bladder. Due to his thorough research and scientific publications, the FDA approved Botox for urologic use in August of 2011. Thanks to his vast experience and unmatched medical knowledge, Dr. Gousse can solve any urology problem, professionally and efficiently.

Fellowship-trained urologist in Aventura

Dr. Gousse completed a postdoctoral fellowship in urodynamics, pelvic floor reconstruction, and female urology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He went on to publish more than 70 articles in leading urology research journals. His vast knowledge of urology ensures that Gousse Urology uses the best medical standards in Aventura. Our urologist can efficiently assess your medical condition and recommend a treatment that best meets your needs. Whether you need treatment for urinary incontinence or penile implant surgery, Dr. Gousse is the ideal solution for you!

We welcome all patients to visit us for a preliminary investigation. Regardless of your medical condition, we’re confident we will restore your health and comfort. Urinary incontinence can be very annoying and ruin your quality of life. But problems like this don’t have to last forever. With our help, you’ll be back on your feet soon!

Why Gousse Urology should be your first choice

Whenever you encounter urological issues that impair your quality of life, Gousse Urology is here to help. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Gousse is the best urology doctor in America. He has unmatched expertise in the field and dozens of scientific publications, and he cares for each individual patient with compassion, professionalism, and the utmost medical competence. He and his medical experts provide irreproachable care using cutting-edge technology and thorough medical methodology.

We’ve cared for countless patients, performed scores of urology surgeries, and helped many people regain their quality of life. When your urinary tract is causing problems or a previous prostate surgery is affecting you, Dr. Angelo Gousse can help! We’ll thoroughly investigate the root of the problem, figure out the best way to move forward, and proceed with the treatment in a comfortable and safe environment! For professional advice on urology problems, call us at (305) 606-7028 or use our online form!