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Not too many men in the United States get penile cancer. Statistics show it happens to roughly 1,600 men annually, which is not a lot compared to the millions of men living in the country. But if you end up developing penile cancer, the first signs are noticeable on the skin of the penis.

For example, you may start to see small areas of discoloration or irritation on your penis skin. Then it could develop into something much worse, like an ulcer or sore on the foreskin, head, or shaft of the penis. That would be a very uncomfortable symptom to deal with daily. It shouldn’t be painful, but it could be in some cases.

A urologist is the best doctor to diagnose and treat penile cancer. In fact, you should always seek a urologic examination whenever you notice abnormalities on your penis, even if they are cosmetic abnormalities without any pain. Because eventually, those cosmetic abnormalities may worsen if you don’t get them checked out.

The good news is that penis skin abnormalities don’t always mean penile cancer. Sometimes the symptoms can be attributed to a fungal infection, allergic reaction, or bacterial infection. In any event, it is imperative to have a certified and licensed urologist diagnose your symptoms to determine the exact condition present.  

Penile Cancer Testing 

When the penis skin changes color, there is always the possibility it could be due to cancer. That is why you don’t want to take any chances here. Instead, it is in your best interests to detect the problem early because it will increase the likelihood of the treatment successfully eliminating or diminishing the problem.

The urologist will first treat the affected area with an antifungal or antibacterial ointment to see if it eliminates the growths on the penis skin. If it does, you clearly had a fungal or bacterial infection of the penis. But if it does not remove the growths, the next step is for the urologist to take a skin sample from the affected area and test it in a lab to see if cancer cells are present.

If the urologist finds the growths on your penis skin to be cancer, then a topical cream medication will be applied. It should have little to no side effects and is the easiest and fastest medication to treat this condition. However, you need to treat the growth as early as possible, which is why getting a urologic examination is so critical.

If the growth on your penis is about the size of a pea, the urologist may try to shave it off one layer at a time. Then, they will continue to shave until normal tissue is finally revealed on the skin. If the shaving treatment works, you shouldn’t experience too many long-term side effects.

If you have oversized lesions or growths on your penis, you will need a more complex treatment solution. Your urologist will recommend chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation as possible solutions. Sometimes you may require more than one of these treatments to see results. 

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