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Dr. Angelo Gousse is the creator and founder of an advanced urologic clinic in Deerfield Beach called Gousse Urology. He uses practical and scientific solutions to treat patients suffering from the most common urologic conditions. Many of these solutions are advanced treatments that he has developed himself and shared with the rest of the urology community. These treatments include:

  • Urinary tract reconstruction
  • Pelvic organ prolapses repairs
  • Stress urinary incontinence treatment
  • Overactive bladder treatment
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implant
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Penile implant surgery

At Gousse Urology, our number one goal is to reduce the pain and discomfort of patients. We treat everyone who walks through our doors with empathy and respect. We don’t pass judgment on anybody. If you walk away from our clinic feeling happier and healthier, it makes us feel happier.

Are you feeling good already? If so, you should still get a urologic examination anyway. Sometimes a future urologic condition can be detected early from a simple examination. To get started, call Dr. Gousse at (954) 362-2720 or book an appointment here.

A Top Urologist in Deerfield Beach

You can trust Dr. Gousse to care for your urologic health. Not only is he a highly regarded urologist in Deerfield Beach, but he is also an educator as well. Dr. Gousse educates his patients on how to take better care of their urologic health so that they don’t develop worsening conditions in the future. In addition, Dr. Gousse also educates other urologists with his lectures and seminars held worldwide.

Numerous medical schools and universities in the United States, Brazil, and Puerto Rico have asked Dr. Gousse to be their key speaker on the topic of urology. He has lectured countless urology doctors and students about his advanced urologic treatments and how to apply them to patients effectively.

Dr. Gousse teaches about treatments that are not discussed in standard urology textbooks. So if you want powerful urology advice and treatment in Deerfield Beach, you will be in good hands by entrusting your health with Dr. Gousse. His world-class expertise and experience will ensure that you start feeling good in no time. 

An Overactive Bladder Treatment Specialist in Deerfield Beach

Overactive bladder is a common urologic condition experienced amongst people in Deerfield Beach. Dr. Gousse has dedicated his professional life to developing better and more effective treatments for reducing the symptoms of overactive bladder. His advancements in this field have greatly benefited the medical community and changed the lives of thousands of urologic patients forever.

The two advanced treatments he developed are Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation and Botulinum Toxin A. Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation is a sacral nerve stimulation system that sends electrical pulses to a patient’s sacral nerve. It reduces the symptoms of both urinary retention and overactive bladder. Botulinum Toxin A is a Botox treatment used to provide a similar outcome. The FDA has already given their approval for urologists to use Botox to treat urologic conditions.

Why Gousse Urology Should Be Your First Choice

Dr. Gousse is a fellowship-trained urologist in Deerfield Beach. His specialized training in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery has made him one of those most in-demand urologists in South Florida. Patients come to him whenever they experience urinary tract infections, urinary fistula, pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Gousse Urology offers its advanced treatment services to male and female patients. We have numerous clinics established in Deerfield Beach and throughout the South Florida region. If you would like to schedule an appointment to receive your initial physical examination, call our team at (954) 362-2720 or book an appointment here.