P-Shot® for Men - Miami Beach, FL

P-Shot® for men - Miami Beach, FL
Are you looking for a P-Shot® Urologist for Men in Miami Beach, FL?

Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common among men. More than 30 million people throughout the U.S. are suffering from ED, and men in Miami Beach are not an exception. ED brings an apparent decrease in quality of life, such as lower self-esteem, lower libido, depression, and more. Gousse Urology offers an innovative solution to ED, the P-Shot®, an all-natural, no-risk, results-guaranteed intervention!

Our mission is to help people with urological problems regain their quality of life and independence. Erectile dysfunction is among men’s most common urological issues, so we’ve decided to make a change. Our P-Shot® has a very high success rate, virtually no risks, and it’s all-natural. This means your body won’t reject it, no matter what!

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What is P-Shot®?

The P-Shot® is an injection with platelet-rich fibrin extracted from the patient’s blood. It is a sophisticated scientific procedure where we remove blood from the patient and then put it into a centrifuge to isolate the plasma. Once injected, the P-Shot® will stimulate the man’s stem cells and promote cell regeneration and turnover. This will lead to a cancellation of ED symptoms and other benefits.

Patients have reported improvements in their erections and not only that but a consistent rise in libido. Our P-Shot® has been developed with quality of life in mind, and it doesn’t only address ED but other ED-related factors that may affect a man’s sexual and romantic life.

What are the Benefits of P-Shot®?

P-Shot® is a more advanced form of ED therapy with no side effects and a wide range of benefits. Traditional ED treatments like Viagra are less efficient and more dangerous than our P-Shot®. You can expect the following benefits after undergoing our procedure:

  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • More sexual stamina
  • Better sexual sensation
  • Reduced depression
  • A larger penis
  • A longer-lasting erection
  • Increased self-esteem
  • 100% natural solution
  • A firmer erection

These benefits are guaranteed for most patients who undergo the P-Shot® in Miami Beach. Why hesitate when you can get this non-invasive treatment with no side effects and a host of benefits immediately?

How Is the P-Shot® Procedure Performed?

Doctor Gousse can perform the P-Shot® procedure at his office in Miami Beach in no less than 30 minutes. It begins by extracting blood from your body and putting it in a centrifuge. This isolates the platelet-rich plasma, which we then put into a matrix to enhance. Once this process is complete, we will apply an anesthetic to your penis to numb the pain from the procedure.

Then, we inject the platelet-rich plasma into your penis, and that’s the entire procedure. You won’t feel a thing, and there’s no downtime to this procedure, meaning you can resume your daily life as soon as you get home. P-Shot® will start having an effect immediately, making your penis function better than ever.

When Will I Start Seeing Results from P-Shot®?

P-Shot® is highly efficient, and the results should become noticeable relatively quickly. However, every patient will have a different experience with the treatment but only regarding speed and intensity of the effects. As time passes, you should notice more and more benefits as the P-Shot® repairs the damaged cells in your penis.

Ready to Schedule Your P-Shot® Consultation in Miami Beach?

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P-Shot® FAQs in Miami Beach

Is the P-Shot® expensive in Miami Beach?

It depends. We can’t give you an accurate cost until Dr. Gousse evaluates you. The price of the P-Shot® intervention depends on several factors, such as your overall health. After you set up a consultation, Dr. Gousse will see you and assess your needs and health. Then, we will present a cost for the P-Shot®, and if you agree to the price, we will make an appointment for the intervention!

Will the P-Shot® increase the size of my penis?

Indeed, the P-Shot® has provided consistent increases in penis size to many of our patients. While these results largely depend on the individual, you should notice a substantial increase in penis length and girth after a few weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Gousse for My Miami Beach P-Shot®?

Dr. Angelo Gousse is a highly-respected urologist with more than 25 years of experience dealing with urological issues among men and women. His expertise in erectile dysfunction treatments is unmatched in his field, which makes him the leading urologist in Miami Beach.

Call Dr. Gousse’s clinic at (954) 362-2720 for more information about the P-Shot® and its benefits for ED!