P-Shot® for Men - Aventura, FL

P-Shot® for men - Aventura, FL
Are you looking for a P-Shot® Urologist for Men in Aventura, FL?

Dr. Angelo Gousse offers a holistic technique for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and improving the sexual health of men. Many men suffer from ED because of poor health or lifestyle choices. Our approach to remedying this problem is a unique procedure called P-Shot®.

P-Shot® is a penile rejuvenation treatment and penile enhancement procedure for men who want to overcome sexual dysfunction or promote sexual enhancement. Gousse Urology offers P-Shot® treatments to men of all ages at our facility in Aventura. We use advanced procedures to ensure the P-Shot® solution is administered without pain or discomfort. The procedure has the potential to change your life for the better. 

Understanding Male Sexual Erectile Dysfunction

Why does male sexual erectile dysfunction happen in the first place? Here are the most common reasons in which men get ED:

  • Diabetes (high blood sugar)
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Certain medications
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Older age

Do one or more of these reasons apply to you? Dr. Gousse will consider all the factors causing your ED and develop a suitable treatment plan to counter your problem. The plan may involve lifestyle changes, but the primary treatment suggested will be P-Shot®.

What is a P-Shot®?

P-Shot® is a scientific therapy for treating ED in men. It is a sophisticated procedure where the urologist harvests plasma from a patient’s blood and places it into their penis to promote cell regeneration and turnover. There is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or infection because the plasma comes from the person’s own blood. That is why it is one of the safest ED treatments administered to men.

What are the Benefits of a P-Shot®?

Traditional ED treatments cause too many unwanted side effects. The good news is that P-Shot® does not have any side effects because the solution is 100% natural. It stimulates the biological response in your body to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • More sexual stamina
  • Better sexual sensation
  • Reduced depression
  • A larger penis
  • A longer-lasting erection
  • Increased self-esteem
  • 100% natural solution
  • A firmer erection

Aren’t all these benefits worth getting a non-invasive treatment with no side effects? If you agree, you’ll want to get the P-Shot® in Aventura.

How Is the P-Shot® Procedure Performed?

Dr. Angelo Gousse can perform the P-Shot® at his office in Aventura. It is a simple procedure that shouldn’t last longer than 30 minutes. First, he will take a blood sample from your body and put it into a centrifuge device. The blood will rotate inside the device until the platelet-fibrin plasma is separated and isolated from it.

The urologist will modify the plasma to increase its strength and effectiveness. Then, after a local anesthetic is administered to numb your penis, the urologist will inject the modified plasma into it. The plasma contains growth factors that will stimulate your stem cells to help your penis function better.

There is no pain or downtime associated with the P-Shot® procedure. You can go right back home afterward and resume your normal daily activities.

When Can I See My P-Shot® Results?

The P-Shot® is highly effective, and the results are noticeable quickly. However, every patient will have a different experience regarding the speed and intensity of the effects. The results should continue to improve as time passes because your body will keep on repairing damaged cells in the penis.  

Ready to Schedule Your P-Shot® Consultation in Aventura?

Gousse Urology is ready to restore your erectile functionality with the revolutionary P-Shot® procedure. Call us at (954) 362-2720 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and examination in Aventura by Dr. Angelo Gousse. He will discuss the P-Shot® procedure in greater detail and answer any questions you may have about it.

P-Shot® FAQs in Aventura?

Will the P-Shot® results last a long time?

The P-Shot® treatment results typically stay with men for at least one year or more. However, the effects will eventually diminish as time goes on because they are not permanent.

Therefore, you’ll need to come back to our urology office for another P-Shot® periodically. We’ll give you more details during your consultation with Dr. Angelo Gousse.

Will I get a bigger penis from the P-Shot®?

The main objective of the P-Shot® procedure is to restore the functionality of your penis. In addition, penis enlargement is another extra benefit of getting the P-Shot®. Most of our patients notice a significant increase in their penis size soon after the procedure.

Of course, the results vary between each patient. Some men notice a bigger size than other men, so there are no guarantees.

Why Choose Dr. Gousse for My Aventura P-Shot®?

Dr. Angelo Gousse of Gousse Urology is one of the most well-equipped and well-trained urologists to treat ED in Aventura. He has over 25 years of experience helping men overcome ED through various innovative treatment methods, including P-Shot®. You can feel confident in Dr. Gousse’s ability to administer the P-Shot® in a professional, gentle, and pain-free way.

Please contact our staff at (954) 362-2720 to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Gousse.