Kidney Transplants Urologist - Dr. Angelo Gousse, MD

Kidney Transplants Urologist - Dr Angelo Gousse
Are you looking for a Kidney Transplants Urologist in South Florida?

Gousse Urology offers kidney transplant services in South Florida. Dr. Angelo Gousse is the founder and chief urologist of the facility. If you are a healthy person who wishes to donate their kidney, you’ll need a qualified urologist like Dr. Gousse to perform the procedure.

Kidney transplants can help save lives. If someone needs a new kidney, they will need a healthy kidney from someone else. Share donor programs allow patients to sign themselves up on a kidney transplant waiting list. Meanwhile, healthy individuals looking to donate one of their kidneys can contact a share donor program and arrange the kidney removal procedure.

Of course, it is most common for someone to donate their healthy kidney to someone they know instead of a total stranger. However, some anonymous donors donate their kidneys to strangers who need them to survive. Regardless, Gousse Urology is qualified to perform and manage kidney removal procedures. You are in good hands with our medical team whenever you need a kidney removal or transplant.

About Kidney Removal

Nephrectomy is the name of the surgical procedure for removing a kidney. Traditional versions of this procedure required the urologist to remove the kidney manually after the surgical incision. But now, modern urologists tend to use advanced techniques like laparoscopically and several unique instruments to perform the procedure. A doctor only needs to make a couple of small incisions in the patient’s abdomen area to do it. That is all.

When the kidney removal procedure has finished, it won’t take long for you to recover from it. The short recovery period will keep you in the hospital for a couple of days before you are released. The doctor will likely recommend that you don’t perform your regular daily activities until a few weeks after the procedure.

Once a few weeks have passed, your doctor will want to see you again to check on your health status. First, they will inspect the incision areas to see if they are healing okay or not. After that, they will monitor your kidney function to see if it is acting normally. A normal-acting kidney means the procedure was a total success.

Healthy donors can survive just fine with one kidney. The only problem is that they have to be extra careful not to injure or stress out their one kidney. For instance, a person with a single kidney will become more affected by common health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. That is why you should do whatever possible to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and reduce blood sugar.

Frequently Asked Question 

What is the process for donating a kidney to my family member or friend?

Gousse Urology can advise you on the process of donating a kidney to your family member or friend. The primary requirement for donating a kidney is to be in excellent health. This ensures your kidney will be healthy and function normal for the recipient. After all, you wouldn’t want to give them a bad kidney, right? 

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