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A man has erectile dysfunction when unable to obtain or sustain a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is not a severe health condition, but it can leave a man feeling depressed, embarrassed, and unconfident in themselves.

Unfortunately, millions of American men deal with erectile dysfunction issues every day. The reasons vary per individual, so there is no one treatment-for-all solution. Sometimes the problem can be attributed to something minor that can be remedied on your own, such as stress and lack of sleep. But, in other cases, the cause of erectile dysfunction requires professional surgical or non-surgical treatment from a trained urologist.

Gousse Urology specializes in diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction in men. Each patient receives a comprehensive physical examination to pinpoint the cause and severity of the dysfunction. The examination results help the urologists create a customized treatment plan to target the cause directly.

No one should have to feel embarrassed about seeking help with their erectile dysfunction. If you schedule an appointment with a qualified urologist, such as Dr. Angelo Gousse of Gousse Urology, then you will be treated with empathy and respect. No one will judge you or look down upon you for your condition. After all, it is a condition affecting millions of men, so you are not alone.

Causes and Non-Surgical Treatments 

What causes erectile dysfunction in most men? Erectile dysfunction occurs when not enough blood flows to the penis during a time of arousal. Some of the most common causes of this problem are high blood pressure and diabetes. Since millions of Americans suffer from these health conditions, it should be no surprise that millions of men have erectile dysfunction too.

The good news is that high blood pressure and diabetes are easily treatable. For example, you could take prescription medications to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels while inadvertently treating erectile dysfunction. However, you should seek advice from your primary care physician and urologist when treating erectile dysfunction this way.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction include a poor diet, lack of exercise, spinal cord injury, certain medications (e.g., antidepressants), and prostate cancer surgery. A nutritionist and personal trainer can help you with the poor diet and lack of exercise problems. As for the other possible causes, only a urologist can determine the best treatment going forward.

Your urologist will want to try non-surgical treatment methods before recommending surgical treatment. The easiest and least expensive non-surgical treatments are medications formulated to stimulate more blood flow to the penis so that you can get an erection. The most popular erectile dysfunction medications are Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.

A lot of men find success with erectile dysfunction medications. But if you continue to suffer from erectile dysfunction anyway, the next treatment recommended is penile injection therapy. It is a non-surgical treatment where the urologist uses a syringe to inject a particular medication into the penis. This medication is also formulated to increase blood flow, but it must be injected into the penis directly. It cannot be taken orally like other medications.

Non-surgical treatments have the least amount of risk involved. The worst side effect a man will feel is prolonged erections lasting several hours. So make sure you don’t have any plans for the next several hours in case you happen to experience this side effect. But it shouldn’t happen because your urologist will inject the proper amount of medication to avoid prolonged erections.

If all else fails, the last non-surgical treatment you could try is a vacuum erection device. The device features a plastic cylinder that you put over the penis to create a vacuum effect to pull blood into it. Once blood is in the penis, a constriction ring gets installed around the base to keep the blood inside. That is how you’ll be able to sustain an erection with the vacuum device.

Surgical Treatment 

The most advanced erectile dysfunction treatment is a surgical treatment called a penile prosthesis. It features two malleable plastic rods which get surgically implanted into the penis. Your penis will still appear natural for the most part, but you may have to readjust it when you want to engage in sexual activity.

The urologist will let you choose between an inflatable or hydraulic penile prosthesis implant. Most men prefer the inflatable version because it offers more control over the erections. You only need to use a pump to inflate the penis into an erection and then a deflation valve to deflate the penis. 

More information about this will be explained to you by the urologist. Dr. Angelo Gousse has performed penile prosthesis implant surgeries for over 25 years. You can trust his expertise to guide you and complete the procedure successfully.

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