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Female & Male Urologists located in Miramar, FL; Aventura, FL & West Palm Beach, FL

At Gouse Urology we pride ourselves in bringing the best Urologic care to our male and female patients. Gousse Urology, headed by Dr. Angelo Gousse, specializes in both male and female voiding dysfunction and reconstruction. Dr. Gousse has been a pioneer in the development of third line treatments of overactive bladder. Dr. Gousse was the first to perform Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation in South Florida for the treatment of overactive bladder. He pioneered the usage of Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) in the treatment of overactive bladder and neurogenic bladder. The clinical trials he led as principal investigator resulted in numerous scientific publications and contributed to the first FDA approval of Botox for urologic use in August 2011. READ MORE

Our accurate diagnosis is the key to your clinical success.