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Are you looking for a O-Shot® Urologist for Women in West Palm Beach, FL?

Women care about their sexual functions as much as men do. But unfortunately, a woman’s sexual desire can diminish after childbirth or due to aging or menopause. This can cause problems for the woman’s relationships and her overall self-esteem.

Are you a female experiencing sexual dysfunction of any kind? Here are some signs that you may have this problem:

  • You have trouble achieving an orgasm
  • You have lost interest in sex
  • You experience pain during sex
  • You have urinary incontinence

No woman should have to live with these sexual-related issues.

The good news is that there may be a solution to your problem. It is called O-Shot® and is available at Gousse Urology in Miramar.

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® is a highly innovative solution for reversing female sexual dysfunction. No surgery is required because the entire procedure involves using needles. If you can tolerate a blood sample extraction and a couple of injections, you’ll be able to handle this procedure just fine. There won’t be any pain or side effects.

The O-Shot® is a natural solution for revitalizing the functionality of your clitoris and vaginal walls. The urologist uses platelet-rich plasma from your own blood as the primary ingredient for stimulating cellular growth in your vagina area.

What are the Benefits of the O-Shot®?

Women can experience several benefits from getting the O-Shot® treatment. These benefits include:

  • Increases lubrication in the vagina
  • More sexual stimulation
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • More orgasms due to tighter vaginal opening
  • More sexual desire
  • Reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence

Have you dreamed about having longer sex and achieving orgasm? Many of our female patients have achieved both soon after getting the O-Shot®. Although every patient’s experiences differ, the odds of sexual enhancement are on your side.

How Is the O-Shot® Procedure Performed?

The O-Shot® is a 5-step procedure that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes in most cases. Here are the basic steps below:

  • A blood sample gets drawn from your arm.
  • The blood sample gets put into a centrifuge device approved by the FDA. The device extracts platelet-rich plasma from the blood and isolates it separately.
  • The plasma is converted into an enhanced version known as a platelet-rich fibrin matrix.
  • The urologist applies a local anesthetic to your clitoris and vagina.
  • The platelet-rich fibrin matrix gets injected into your clitoris and vagina.

Now your vaginal nerve cells and tissues will begin the healing process.

When Can I See My O-Shot® Results?

You should notice the first O-Shot® results a couple of days following the injections. Your body needs some time for the stem cells to be stimulated and the vaginal tissues to be rejuvenated and repaired. The full effects kick into play after around four months.

O-Shot® injections must continue every four months if you want to retain your newfound sexual health. Dr. Gousse will advise you on the exact timeframe according to your own particular needs.

Ready to Schedule Your O-Shot® Consultation in Miramar?

Gousse Urology is currently accepting new female patients interested in the O-Shot® injection procedure. You can make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Gousse by calling our office at (954) 362-2720. We have offices in Miramar and other locations in South Florida.

O-Shot® FAQs in Miramar

How will I know if I’m eligible for the O-Shot®?

Dr. Angelo Gousse will give you a complete medical examination to determine whether O-Shot® or another treatment would be suitable for enhancing your sexual desire and overall sexual health. Most female patients will qualify for the O-Shot® unless they have a urologic disease or injury in the vagina area.

Can I use my health insurance to help pay for O-Shot®?

Unfortunately, the O-Shot® is considered an elective procedure by most health insurance providers. So, you won’t be able to use your health insurance to reduce the costs. Don’t worry, though, because we offer affordable O-Shot® solutions without needing insurance.

What is the cost of the O-Shot®?

Call us at (954) 362-2720 to find out more information about the cost of the O-Shot®.

How often do I need to get the O-Shot®?

You should get at least one O-Shot® injection every 4 to 6 months. The intervals between shots may vary per patient, depending on their current health and the level of effectiveness experienced from the injection.

Are there any hurtful ingredients in O-Shot®?

No, there are no toxic or harmful ingredients in the O-Shot® solution. Instead, it contains platelet-rich plasma extracted from your blood, making this a natural solution for overcoming sexual dysfunction. 

Why Choose Dr. Gousse for My Miramar O-Shot®?

We realize there are several different urologists in the South Florida area. But if you are looking for an experienced urologist in Miramar with over 25 years of experience, then you should contact Dr. Angelo Gousse at Gousse Urology right away.

Dr. Gousse is one of the most recognized urologists for treating female sexual dysfunction and improving the sexual health of his patients. He has perfected the use of O-Shot® as a way of treating his female patients’ sexual dysfunction. You will be more than pleased with the results of the procedure.