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Are you looking for aP-Shot® Urologist for Men in Homestead, FL

Would you like to try a holistic treatment to reverse your erectile dysfunction (ED) problem and enhance your sexual health in Homestead?

Men of all ages deal with ED for various reasons, such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, depression, and bad lifestyle habits. While practicing healthy lifestyle habits to reverse ED is always good, we can offer you additional assistance if needed.

Dr. Angelo Gousse, the chief urologist and founder of Gousse Urology, can offer you a revolutionary penile rejuvenation treatment called P-Shot®. It is a 100% natural penile enhancement procedure that does not require any surgery or foreign substances. In fact, the P-Shot® uses a natural substance from your own blood to rejuvenate your sexual health and penile sexual function.

Understanding Male Sexual Erectile Dysfunction

Many men assume ED is an “old person” problem, but it can actually affect men of all ages. Let us take a look at the most common causes of ED in all men:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Old Age
  • Smoking Tobacco
  • High Cholesterol
  • Taking Certain Medications
  • Diabetes
  • Consuming Alcohol
  • Taking Drugs
  • Gaining Too Much Weight (Obesity)
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • High Blood Sugar
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

One or more of these causes are likely the reason for your ED. Dr. Gousse will help you figure out all the causes of your ED when you come to Gousse Urology for a physical examination and consultation in Homestead. After learning the causes of your ED, Dr. Gousse will recommend the most effective ED treatment solution for you.

What is a P-Shot®?

Scientific research continues to discover new and exciting ways to treat ED. The latest scientific advancement for treating ED is a procedure called P-Shot®. It is a scientific treatment where the urologist extracts platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood, converts it into a matrix, and injects it into the patient’s penis. The procedure is safe, painless, and requires no surgery.

What are the Benefits of a P-Shot®?

Many conventional ED treatments, such as Viagra, cause men to experience several adverse side effects. However, our P-Shot® treatment is a modern, advanced ED treatment with no side effects. Since the P-Shot® solution is 100% natural and comes from your blood, your body will not react adversely. All you will experience are positive reactions and benefits.

Here are the primary benefits you should experience after receiving our P-Shot® treatment in Homestead:

  • Decreased depression
  • Enhanced sexual sensation
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Increased sexual pleasure
  • Increased self-esteem
  • A longer-lasting erection
  • A firmer erection
  • A larger penis
  • No surgery required

Imagine receiving all these benefits without needing any invasive treatment or surgery. Our P-Shot® procedure has the most potential to make this happen for you at our facility in Homestead. 

How Is the P-Shot® Procedure Performed? 

Our chief urologist, Dr. Angelo Gousse, performs all P-Shot® procedures at Gousse Urology in Homestead. The entire procedure does not take more than half an hour for most patients.

Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. A blood sample is taken from the patient
  2. An FDA-approved centrifuge device rotates the blood to extract platelet-rich plasma
  3. The urologist enhances the platelet-rich plasma into a platelet-rich plasma matrix
  4. The urologist numbs the patient’s penis with an anesthetic gel
  5. The urologist injects the platelet-rich plasma matrix into various areas of the patient’s penis

There is no downtime or recovery time needed. 

When Can I See My P-Shot® Results? 

The intensity and speed of the P-Shot® results are different per patient. However, most patients experience some level of sexual improvement within days after receiving the P-Shot® injections. Then, as the days, weeks, and months pass, the results will grow more effective and become more apparent.

Ready to Schedule Your P-Shot® Consultation in Homestead 

Would you like to learn more about the P-Shot® procedure and how it can help restore your sexual performance and erectile functionality? Call us at (954) 362-2720 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and examination with Dr. Gousse in Homestead.

P-Shot® FAQs in Homestead 

Will I have to get the P-Shot® treatment again in the future? 

The initial P-Shot® treatment results should last 12 months or more. Afterward, you will eventually begin to notice a decline in the sexual benefits you enjoyed for those 12 months. That may indicate that you must return to Gousse Urology in Homestead for another checkup and additional P-Shot® injections. Dr. Gousse will advise you further during your consultation with him.

Will I have a larger penis after the P-Shot® injections? 

The primary purpose of the P-Shot® injections is to restore your erectile functionality and sexual performance. But there are several other potential benefits you may experience as well, such as a larger penis. Most of our patients experience a significant improvement in their penis size shortly after the P-Shot® procedure. Of course, every patient experiences a different level of improvement, so results vary per individual.

Why is Dr. Gousse the Best Choice for My Homestead P-Shot®? 

Dr. Angelo Gousse is a well-trained, well-equipped, and highly experienced urologist who has treated men with ED for over 25 years. He has helped revolutionize and reshape ED treatments to make them less invasive and more effective. The best example is the new P-Shot® treatment.

Contact Gousse Urology at (954) 362-2720 to learn more and schedule your consultation with Dr. Gousse at Homestead.