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Do you need a trustworthy and reliable urologist in Margate? Dr. Angelo Gousse is one of the best urologists ever to treat patients in South Florida. He brings over 25 years of advanced urology experience to every patient he treats. The patients appreciate his vast knowledge of the urinary tract and all the conditions and symptoms associated with it. That is why they trust Dr. Gousse to care for their symptoms and reduce their pain and suffering.

Are you feeling any pain or discomfort in the crotch area? Are you a man who is experiencing sexual impotence? Fortunately, these are all treatable problems at Gousse Urology. We offer a wide range of advanced services for treating common urology issues, including:

  • Urinary tract reconstruction
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Penile implant surgery
  • Pelvic organ prolapses repairs
  • Stress urinary incontinence treatment
  • Overactive bladder treatment
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implant

Your urologic problems shouldn’t be left untreated. Please make an appointment to see Dr. Gousse so that your urologic condition can get diagnosed immediately. Then we can recommend the best treatments for you to receive for your particular medical problem.

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Dr. Gousse: Experienced and Dedicated Urologist in Margate

When you have a urologic condition in Margate, you should only settle for an experienced and dedicated urologist to treat it. Dr. Gousse has spent over 25 years developing innovative treatments for common urologic conditions and administering those treatments to patients.

An overwhelming number of his patients have experienced less pain and discomfort after undergoing these treatments. Dr. Gousse also goes out of his way to educate patients on better ways to care for themselves so they likely won’t develop more urologic conditions in the future.

Dr. Gousse is big on education. He holds seminars and special events in France, Puerto Rico, and the United States, giving lectures about effective and innovative urologic procedures and practices. Hundreds of urologists and physicians have attended his speaking engagements and learned a great deal from them.

As a result, critics have credited Dr. Gousse as revolutionizing modern urologic medicine and treatment practices. Anyone lucky enough to be his patient will understand why he is so renowned in the urology community.

Fellowship-Trained Urologist in Margate

Angelo E. Gousse, MD, possesses all the necessary credentials that make him a qualified urologist in Margate. He received his medical doctorate from the prestigious Yale School of Medicine. Next, he proceeded to the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston for his residency training. He could have stopped there, but he continued his education by joining a postdoctoral fellowship program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Gousse: Selected as “Best Doctor in America” for 15 Straight Years

It is rare for any doctor to be called the “Best Doctor in America,” especially for 15 years in a row. Dr. Gousse is one of the few doctors ever to achieve this record because of his dedication to patient care and the development of new and exciting urologic treatments. His innovative contributions to the urology community have changed the industry for the better. 

Dr. Gousse’s most significant accomplishments are the two advanced overactive bladder treatments he developed: Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation and Botox. Numerous clinical trials and research studies have proven these treatment methods to mitigate the symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome better than all other conventional treatment methods.

Why Gousse Urology Should Be Your First Choice

Would you like to learn more about Dr. Gousse and his advanced urology treatment services? Call (954) 362-2720 or book an appointment here. Dr. Gousse has several clinics in Margate and South Florida. You can make your appointment to see him in any one of these clinics.