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P-Shot for Men Lauderhill
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Thirty million Americans deal with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) daily. Many ED sufferers reside in Lauderhill and other parts of South Florida, and not all of them are older men either.

Gousse Urology often treats men of all ages who are dealing with ED symptoms. In fact, we treat men in their 20s and 30s about as often as we treat men in their 50s and 60s. ED affects all men for various reasons, such as stress, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, obesity, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle.  

Do you suffer from ED? If so, then you already know how it can change your life for the worse. Perhaps it has negatively affected your personal relationship or marriage. Maybe it even causes you to feel depressed and inadequate about yourself.

Fortunately, you do not have to deal with this problem alone. Gousse Urology can offer you a revolutionary new ED treatment to reverse your ED symptoms in Lauderhill. The name of this ED treatment is the P-Shot®.

What is a P-Shot®?

P-Shot® refers to the longer name “Priapus Shot,” a specific type of platelet-rich plasma therapy to restore the erectile functionality of the penis. Platelet-rich plasma has natural growth factors capable of repairing damaged stem cells in the penis. That is how it restores erectile functionality.

P-Shot® is a popular ED treatment requiring no surgery or medications. If you can handle getting some blood drawn and a few injections under local anesthetic, then you can easily tolerate the P-Shot® procedure.

What are the Benefits of a P-Shot®?

No other ED treatment compares to P-Shot® because of its high rate of effectiveness and success with patients. Here are the benefits that the average patient receives:

  • Increased Sexual Pleasure
  • More Self-Esteem
  • Potential to Have a Larger Penis
  • Increased Penis Sensation
  • Long-Lasting Erections
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Painless
  • Increased Sexual Stamina
  • Easy to Get an Erection

The P-Shot® is a 30-minute procedure on average. And thanks to the local anesthetic gel, you should not feel any pain or discomfort at any time. 

How Is the P-Shot® Procedure Performed? 

The P-Shot® involves six easy steps. They are as follows:

  • The urologist will take a sample of your blood.
  • The urologist will spin the blood sample in an FDA-approved centrifuge device.
  • While repeatedly rotating in the centrifuge device, platelet-rich plasma will separate from your blood.
  • The urologist will modify and enhance the platelet-rich plasma into a platelet-rich plasma matrix.
  • The urologist will numb your penis with a local anesthetic gel.
  • The urologist will make the necessary injections of platelet-rich plasma matrix in the damaged areas of your penis.

Doesn’t this sound easy? You will even be able to leave right after the procedure is over. There is no recovery time needed. 

When Can I See My P-Shot® Results? 

Each patient experiences results at different times. Typically, the first improvement in erectile functionality comes within a few days after the P-Shot® injections are made. Then, you will continue to experience improvement in your erectile and sexual functions over the coming weeks and months.

Ready to Schedule Your P-Shot® Consultation in Lauderhill 

Are you ready to set up an appointment for a consultation and urologic examination with Dr. Angelo Gousse, the chief urologist at Gousse Urology in Lauderhill? Call us at (954) 362-2720 or email us using our contact form to get started.

P-Shot® FAQs in Lauderhill 

Do you accept any kind of health insurance for the P-Shot® procedure? 

No, because health insurance companies do not cover the P-Shot® procedure. They view it as an elective procedure rather than a life-saving one. That is why health insurance companies do not provide coverage for it.

The good news is that we offer affordable prices for our P-Shot® procedure. Dr. Gousse and the staff at Gousse Urology will advise you further on the price for your P-Shot® injections.

Will my penis size get bigger after the P-Shot® procedure? 

Yes, like most patients, you can expect to see a larger penis after the P-Shot® procedure. The exact amount of size increase varies per patient.

Why choose Dr. Gousse for my Lauderhill P-Shot®? 

Dr. Angelo Gousse is a licensed and respected urologist with over 25 years of experience treating all kinds of urologic conditions, such as male erectile dysfunction in Lauderhill. His successful track record for reducing and reversing ED should give you confidence that he can do the same for you.