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Brickell Urologist - Gousse Urology
Brickell Urologist – Gousse Urology

Gousse Urology is an advanced urology practice serving Brickell, Miami-Dade County, Florida. Dr. Angelo Gousse established this clinic with the commitment to administer advanced urologic treatments to his patients. His contributions to urology have changed how urinary conditions like overactive bladder are treated. Now other urologists follow in his footsteps when treating their patients too.

As a licensed urologist in Brickell, Dr. Gousse is open to treating male and female urologic patients with urinary related issues. There is never any discrimination at Gousse Urology. All patients are welcomed regardless of their ethnicity, race, or gender. Anyone with a urinary problem can take advantage of our treatment options.

We are experts in:

  • Reconstructive urology
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Penile implant surgery
  • Urinary incontinence treatment
  • Artificial urinary sphincter implant

Dr. Gousse is one of the few urologists serving Brickell with over 25 years of experience. All of his accolades, certifications, and contributions to urologic medicine make him one of the best urologists around.

We’re confident that you will not be disappointed with the results of your next urologic examination and treatment at Gousse Urology. Call (305) 606-7028 or use our contact form here to get started.

Top Rated Urologist in Brickell

When you need treatment for your urinary condition in Brickell, the best option is to visit a top-rated urologist. Dr. Gousse spent the bulk of his career trying to change how urologic conditions are treated. He came up with the ideas of using Botox and Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation to treat overactive bladder conditions effectively and safely. Previous urologists never considered using these techniques before.

Dr. Gousse has made more than 70 valuable contributions to global urology scientific journals. His achievements have earned him guest spots on television shows, such as Island TV, and the opportunity to host his own radio show called “Urologic Consultation in Creole.”

When you seek out Gousse Urology for treatment, you’ll have true professionals to look after you. Call (305) 606-7028 or use our contact form here for more details.

Fellowship Trained Urologist in Brickell

Dr. Gousse has fellowship training in his educational background as a urologist. His fellowship training led him to subspecialize in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Even though he still treats male patients, Dr. Gousse has advanced training in treating common urologic conditions experienced by females. Some of which include chronic urinary tract infections, pelvic organ prolapses, urinary fistula, and urinary incontinence.  Call (305) 606-7028 or use our contact form here to inquire about these treatment options.

Chosen as Best Doctor in America 15 Years in Row for Reconstructive Urology

Dr. Gousse has had the rare honor of being named the “Best Doctor in America” for 15 consecutive years. It is a significant achievement when you consider that doctors from every medical field are considered for the title. But it was Dr. Gousse’s tireless efforts at creating breakthrough reconstructive urology treatments that earned him this title throughout the years.

Dr. Gousse strives to make patients feel more comfortable, both mentally and physically. As a multilingual speaker of Creole, English, and Spanish, he can connect with local Brickell residents on a more personal level. Since many South Floridians speak Creole and Spanish in addition to English, it allows Dr. Gousse to make non-English speakers feel more comfortable to seek urologic treatment at his facility.

Want to learn more about Dr. Gousse’s education and accolades? Call (305) 606-7028 or use our contact form here.

Why Gousse Urology Should Be Your Premier Choice

When you visit Gousse Urology, our staff will greet you without judgment. Our doctors and nurses are all professionals who strive to ensure patients have a positive experience at our facility.

Free consultations are available. Call (305) 606-7028 or use our contact form here.