O-Shot® for Women - Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Are you looking for a O-Shot® Urologist for Women in Bay Harbor Islands, FL?
Are you looking for a O-Shot® Urologist for Women in Bay Harbor Islands, FL?

Female sexual dysfunction happens to many women in the Bay Harbor Islands. The common reasons for female sexual dysfunction are menopause, childbirth, and the uncontrollable act of aging.

It is easy to know whether you have female sexual dysfunction because your bedroom performance may diminish quickly. You will experience unfortunate symptoms like low libido, fewer orgasms, urinary incontinence, minimal vaginal lubrication, and pain during sex. Having one of these symptoms is enough to seek help from a trained urologist like Dr. Angelo Gousse.

Gousse Urology has spent many years treating female sexual dysfunction in women throughout the Bay Harbor Islands and South Florida. Our newest advanced treatment option is a natural solution that we call O-Shot®. It is 100% non-invasive and non-surgical.

What is the O-Shot®? 

The O-Shot® uses platelet-rich plasma extract from your blood to stimulate your vaginal stem cells and repair your vaginal and clitoral tissues. The urologist makes a few tiny injections of enriched platelet-rich plasma into your damaged vaginal and clitoral tissues and cells to restore their strength and functionality.

What are the Benefits of the O-Shot®? 

The O-Shot® is one of the few urologic treatments with many benefits and no adverse effects. The benefits you can expect are as follows:

  • High libido
  • Reduced sex pain
  • Enhanced natural lubrication
  • Reduced urinary incontinence
  • Enhanced sexual stamina
  • Tighter vaginal opening

Since there is no risk involved to a healthy adult female, the odds are high that the O-Shot® treatment will restore your sexual functions. As a result, you can experience high sexual desire and satisfaction with your partner again. Your relationship will be restored!

How Is the O-Shot® Procedure Performed? 

The O-Shot® is a short 30-minute procedure performed by our chief urologist, Dr. Angelo Gousse. The five steps of the process are as follows:

  • A needle extracts a blood sample
  • The blood sample is put into an FDA-approved centrifuge device and spun around to extract the platelet-rich plasma
  • The urologist enhances and transforms the standard platelet-rich plasma into a robust platelet-rich fibrin matrix
  • A local anesthetic gel numbs the vaginal and clitoral region
  • The platelet-rich fibrin matrix is injected in one or more places into the vagina and clitoris

You will feel a gradual enhancement in your sexual desire and satisfaction over the next 2 to 4 months.

When Can I See My O-Shot® Results?

You may feel a little bit more sexual desire and drive after a couple of days. However, you won’t feel the complete benefits of the O-Shot® injection for about 2 to 4 months. That is how long it takes the average woman’s body to repair her vaginal nerve cells and tissues fully.

Ready to Schedule Your O-Shot® Consultation in Bay Harbor Islands? 

Gousse Urology accepts female patients of any age in the Bay Harbor Islands. Call us at (954) 362-2720 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gousse. He will give you a urologic examination and discuss the best treatment options to restore your sexual function.

O-Shot® FAQs in Bay Harbor Islands 

Does my health insurance plan pay for any portion of the O-Shot® treatment? 

You can check with your health insurer, but they will probably tell you “No.” Most health insurance plans consider the O-Shot® to be an elective procedure, which means they do not cover it.

What if I am disqualified from getting the O-Shot®? 

Dr. Gousse will determine your eligibility after examining you. Most healthy adult women over 18 are eligible if they do not have any urologic diseases or injuries. If that sounds like you, then you should have nothing to worry about regarding your eligibility to get the O-Shot® treatment.

What are the risks of getting the O-Shot®? 

Zero risks. The O-Shot® injection is 100% natural-based, so your body will immediately accept it. You will not experience any adverse side effects.

Do the effects of the O-Shot® last forever? 

The O-Shot® effects will gradually get better for up to four months. Then, if you want to sustain those positive effects on your sexual health, you need to revisit Gousse Urology for more O-Shot® injections. You need to keep receiving O-Shot® injections at about four-month intervals to sustain your sexual health benefits. Dr. Gousse will talk to you more about how frequently you should come to the office.

Why Choose Dr. Gousse for My Bay Harbor Islands O-Shot®? 

Dr. Angelo Gousse is a respected and renowned urologist in Bay Harbor Islands and South Florida. He has spent more than 25 years helping female patients restore their sexual functionality by offering them new and innovative treatment options. The latest treatment option is the revolutionary O-Shot® procedure, which is safe, natural, and effective.